About Me

Hi, my name is Brenda and I started Melanin Kisses Cosmetics in 2019. I've always had a passion for make-up, more specifically lip gloss. I feel like a woman is at her best when she feels her best. Whether we choose to go with a natural look, or get fancy with a pop of color, we're beautiful in all shades. I named my brand Melanin Kisses for all of my Melanin Queens. We start trends and surpass boundaries. We cannot be stopped! I want a female - whether it be a young girl, teenager, or adult - to slide on my lip gloss and feel empowered! I want you to know that whether you're having a bad day or a marvelous one, that you can look in the mirror, pucker up, and see yourself shining for the QUEEN that you are! My goal is to inspire, ignite, and elevate women, because we're much more powerful together than we are apart! I love y'all! Thank you for your support! I'll see you again soon! XOXO - Bebe